New York Market Entry

Brad Davis’s team of 200 took on a magnificent feat — entering the New York metropolitan market, up against brands in the City for over 100 years.  The accomplishment:  #2 in brand awareness within 90 days — and an Effie from the American Marketing Association for business results.

The story of the New York market entry is a story of precise alignment.  Davis said, “there is no New York!  Or, Chicago, or San Francisco.  It’s an illusion!”  Instead, Davis and his team targeted important segments to inspire.  “Market segmentation is critical — and when you segment — you have to be able to picture your market, with extreme clarity and insight.”

The New York market’s affordable housing organizations had seldom met.  Davis unified them with walk-a-thons for Affordable Housing — ending with concerts by Jewel and Patti LaBelle.

New York’s teachers had been ignored.  Working with Opts Events, the team bought out every seat on Broadway for New York’s teachers — on one night — resulting in unprecedented media coverage.

And New York’s kids were given cameras and encouraged to photograph their heroes!  The result:  a photo exhibition at the New York Historical Society — featuring White House Photographer David Hume Kennerly, and photos of business and political leaders from throughout the state.

Buy out Broadway today?  “No way,” says Davis.  “Use digital and social media to engage your audience.  Don’t say what you are, look for what people are seeking and show proof that you ARE those things.  Engagement is everything.  While CMO at Opus Bank, Davis’s team achieved the highest level of employee engagement on LinkedIn of any West Coast financial institution.

But the New York market entry is proof positive of the passion which can be ignited when you segment the market, and engage on matters which are important to them.